3 Tips for Talking to Your Clients About Body Image

Your client brought up body image...now what? Grab these tips and start feeling confident implementing body image work with your clients right away!

Feeling like a deer in headlights when a client brings up body image in session? I've got you!

Start helping more clients today by learning a few easy tips that will help you feel like a confident ROCKSTAR RD!

Let's work together to make you more confident in your body image counseling skills. ('Cause let's be honest, you never learned this in school!)

  • Are you a newbie or seasoned dietitian who feels that they never really got trained in counseling clients in body image work? (Thanks didactic education for my 1 hour of motivational interviewing!)
  • Do you feel discomfort when a client brings up body image in their session and you're all "what the HECK do I do now?"?
  • Do you feel guilty that you can't dig deeper or address concerns with clients during session because you don't know what to say when they bring up negative body image?
  • Do you want to become a kick ass RD who increases body image skills and knowledge, client satisfaction AND retention?

Of course you do cause you're a bitchin' RD!

Hi, I'm Amanda Mittman, an RD and Body Image Coach and I used to answer yes to all those questions before I started my journey to becoming a bitchin' body image dietitian. Download my guide today and I will teach you how you can be one too!

Start Helping Your Clients Navigate their Body Image Today

This guide will give you the confidence that you--yes, YOU-- can talk about body image with your clients.

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